Conferences and events

ArbIt (Italian Forum for Arbitration and ADR - with Maria Theresia Roerig as one of the founding members in the advisory board), organizes with the support of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration a conference on "Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards: the situation in Italy and abroad", that will take place in Milan, on November 15, 2012 (2,30 pm - 7pm). Please cf. for futher information:

BDC Studio Legale and travel retail

Maria Theresia Roerig and Giulio Corsini have become legal advisors of an Italian limited company which belongs to a world-wide leading French group in the field of Travel Retail (2012)  

International Arbitration: Publication of award issued by Ms Roerig in Yearbook Commercial Arbitration 2014

Yearbook Commercial Arbitration Vol. XXXIX 2014 (p. 263): Publication of a final award issued by Maria Theresia Roerig Corsini in the arbitral proceedings n. 7211 administered by the Chamber of National and International Arbitration of Milan.

The case regarded a dispute concerning an international supply contract between an Italian limited company and a limited company of Greek nationality. The arbitrator had to face numerous jurisdictional and  procedural issues (such as the validity of the arbitration clause by relationem, determination of the applicable law to the power of representation of the signing party - capacity/power to arbitrate, extension of the arbitration agreement etc.)