Private International Law

The lawyers of BDC law firm have long-standing experience in legal issues (both in and out of court) and cross-border disputes that involve private international law. The firm advises clients on the three branches of conflict of laws: (i) jurisdiction – whether the relevant forum has the power to resolve the dispute at hand, (ii) the choice of law – the law which is being applied to resolve the dispute and (iii) foreign judgments – the ability to recognize and enforce a judgment from an external forum within the jurisdiction of the adjudicating forum. BDC’s expertise ranges from international contract law, international trade and company law to the international law of obligations and related Treaties, Conventions and Covenants. The Bucciarelli Ducci Corsini team is thus perfectly capable of elaborating the ideal solutions for the achievement of any commercial objective in an international framework.

The firm’s lawyers also have thorough expertise in the resolution of cross border disputes and matters (both substantial and procedural), in issues regulated by the laws of the European Union, by foreign law and by international treaties, bi- or multilateral conventions (such as the CISG of 1980; the CMR of 1956, the New York Convention of 1958 etc.) and trade agreements (such as the Waren Verein der Hamburger Börse; Incoterms etc.).