International desk

A key element that characterizes the firm is its international vocation. The firm has indeed established an  International Desk in order to better comply with the needs of its international clients or Italian clients with interests abroad.

The lawyers of the firm have a long-standing expertise in questions (in or out of court) involving private international law or conflict of law issues, in the resolution of cross border disputes and matters (both substantial and procedural), in issues regulated by the laws of the European Union, by foreign law as well as by international treaties, bi- or multilateral conventions (eg. CISG 1980; CMR of 1956, the New York Convention of 1958 etc.) and trade agreements (e.g. Waren Verein der Hamburger Börse; Incoterms etc.).

In this respect, the firm can boast a particular and privileged expertise in Italian-German legal matters and, more generally, in matters related to the trade between Italy and the German-speaking countries. BDC Studio legale has infact established a German desk and counts among its professionals who is native German speaker, qualified to practice as attorney-at-law both, in Italy and in Germany, and who has a considerable and long-standing experience in such field, even with regard to cases of substantial economic value and involving leading companies and holdings.